‘Best Use of Platform Technology’ – Schroders UK Platform Awards 2023

September 21st, 2023 | Awards, FINIO

Schroders UK Platform Awards 2023

For the second consecutive year (we’re the only tech company to win twice and in consecutive years), Sprint Enterprise Technology proudly stands as the winner of the Schroders UK Platform Awards 2023, securing the coveted title of ‘Best Use of Platform Technology.’ This achievement reflects our ongoing partnership with 7IM, an endeavour that has redefined the landscape of data integration within the wealth management sector.

A transformative partnership: The Sprint Enterprise/7IM solution – FINIO data hub

The Sprint Enterprise/7IM collaboration represents a monumental stride towards streamlining and enhancing the data integration process for advisory firms and third-party software providers alike using our FINIO data hub. This symbiotic relationship harnesses the exceptional flexibility and advanced data output capabilities of FINIO, benefitting all parties involved.

  • FINIO simplifies data integration by reconciling transaction data and filling gaps in asset and transfer prices. Through a bespoke data call system, we effortlessly extract individual client and pricing data, revolutionising the data accessibility for advisory firms.
  • We’ve gone a step further by introducing unique transaction flags that provide clarity, helping software providers harness the data more effectively. Moreover, FINIO offers tailored Smart Data Feeds, bulk valuation, and bulk transaction data feeds designed specifically to meet the requirements of advisory firms.
  • Our commitment to data normalisation ensures that data across all investment platforms is delivered in a consistent and structured manner, simplifying integration efforts.
  • Recognising that not all advisory firms have the same preferences, FINIO offers data access via Rest API, SFTP push & pull, and supports the most common data formats.

Reengineering and API expansion

The realisation of the Sprint Enterprise/7IM project necessitated a comprehensive reengineering of the integration between 7IM and FINIO. Furthermore, we expanded FINIO’s API capabilities to provide a broader spectrum of data outputs, aligning with the evolving needs of the industry.

Realising the impact

Here’s what industry professionals have to say about the impact of FINIO:

Claire Thompson, technology manager, Mazars: “We are delighted to be getting 7IM data via FINIO into our CRM (intelliflo office). It has allowed us to get data into intelliflo office earlier in the day, it has allowed us to identify policy mismatches between our CRM and 7IM, and, whilst we are only getting bulk valuations so far, it has paved the way for transaction data as and when intelliflo are ready to receive this. And the whole project has been carried out in such a collaborative way and backed up by great support!!”

Richard Bannister, systems support, Smith & Pinching: “FINIO is helping investment platforms move towards having an API solution for valuation integration into back-office systems like intelliflo office. We’re looking forward to using them for our 7iM transaction data as they are committed to transforming the raw data into an API solution that we want to use daily”.

For information on 2022’s Schroders UK Platform Awards win, with our partnership with Raymond James, click here.

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At Sprint Enterprise Technology, we remain dedicated to pioneering solutions that drive efficiency and innovation within the wealth management sector. Our partnership with 7IM and the success at the Schroders UK Platform Awards 2023 stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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