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For advisory firms who need to access platform data, FINIO is a data hub that provides a single source of data from multiple platforms. Unlike other hubs or companies building their own integrations, FINIO delivers fully reconciled and enriched data in a consistent format across all platforms, together with ongoing support.

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How advisory firms are using FINIO today

Back-office (CRM) integration

Back-office (CRM) integration

Remove the integration frustration as FINIO connects and feeds data from investment platforms into CRM and other third-party software.

Switching platforms


Don’t lose historical transaction data when switching investment platforms – FINIO enables advisory firms to port this valuable client data.

Feeding client portals

Feeding client

Be safe in the knowledge that when using a client portal, your client investment data is accurate when using clean and reconciled FINIO data.

Bespoke MI data software

MI data software feeds

Increased flexibility to do more with your clients’ investment data. FINIO enables advisory firms to access data in a multitude of formats & delivery methods.

Data essentials for advisory firms (illustrated)

There’s been a lot of talk about advisory firms having access to client investment data and we started to wonder - do advisory firms know why they want data or what they do with it once they have it?

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Connecting advisory firms to investment platform data and software providers

One connection

One connection

Data can be complicated and the FINIO data hub simplifies this for you. Receive normalised data from your investment platforms via one easy to access hub.


Easy to connect

Easy to connect

The FINIO data hub can deliver data in multiple formats. We do the complicated work, normalising the data and making it easier for you to connect and use.


Access your data

Access your data

Save time and effort by accessing bulk valuations, transactions, inflows/outflows and remuneration files from investment platforms in a format to suit you.

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What FINIO for platform clients say

FINIO has allowed us to roll out Gateway (our in-house CRM solution) so much more quickly than we could have done had we needed to build point-to-point connections to all the many platforms that we operate. In addition, they have provided us with a couple of highly tailored data feeds (smart flows and smart AUA) which means we only need to process and store the data we really need. The FINIO data feeds provide us with an aggregated data feed across over 22 different platforms – all in the same format.

Greg Horton, chief technology officer, Fairstone

FINIO for investment platforms and software providers

FINIO is also powering the likes of both investment platforms and software providers who are reaping the benefits of a single integration with clean and reconciled data, bringing tangible benefits to their businesses. Find out how...

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