What is FINIO

FINIO is the award winning data hub that connects investment platforms with software providers and advisory firms for the flow of investment data. It helps the wealth management sector become more efficient, integrated and enables the flow of complex investment data that is increasingly required to power today’s software systems.

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Industry pedigree

Investment platforms

FINIO provides a better and more cost effective way to integrate with the industry’s software systems – a single connection to FINIO enables an integration to most third party software systems.

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Highly experienced

Software providers

FINIO delivers fully reconciled and enriched data feeds in various formats from most of the industry’s investment platforms. A single connection enables simpler integrations, plus great support.

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Data experts

Advisory firms

FINIO delivers fully reconciled and enriched data feeds in various formats from the industry’s investment platforms. Reducing time, effort and cost of delivery of accurate and enriched data.

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How it works

In its basic form, FINIO does three things: it provides connectivity,
it transforms and stores data and makes it available in flexible formats.



FINIO simplifies the integration landscape between investment platforms, software systems and advisory firms for the flow of investment data.


Data reconciliations and enrichment


FINIO ensures data is accurate, is fully reconciled, and adds additional ‘flags’ to make it more readily usable by software systems and/or advisory firms.


Data storage


FINIO makes a number of data feeds available to software systems and/or advisory firms – tailored to their needs and delivered in a format that works for them.


Data storage

on hand

FINIO users also benefit from having just one port of call for all platform data queries.

FINIO data hub integrations

Accessing quality, reconciled and enriched investment data is becoming a necessity for many wealth management companies..

The FINIO data hub is connected to many of the most widely used investment platforms and leading third-party software providers used by advice firms. This allows advice firms to easily access investment data (typically valuations and transactions) from the investment platforms they use – and to integrate this data seamlessly into the back-office or other systems they use to deliver their advice proposition.

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Product provider Bulk valuations Bulk transaction history
AJ Bell
Aviva Wrap  
Fundment - -
GrowthInvest - -
M & G Platform
Raymond James Investment Services
Seven Investment Management
Whitman Asset Management - -
Wealthtime Select


Tech provider Bulk valuations Bulk transaction history
2Plan - -
Adviser Cloud -
AdviceObjects - -
Benchmark Capital Enable - -
Defaqto - -
Direct to Adviser
Dynamic Planner - -
Family Capital -
Finscape - -
Intelliflo -
Moneyinfo -
Plannr -
Salesforce - -
Synaptic - -
Time4Advice -
Timeline - -
Twenty7Tec - -
Voyant - -
WealthCraft - -
Zoho CRM - -

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