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  • 7IM signs up to FINIO the new data integration hub. Learn more.

  • Raymond James signs up to FINIO the new data integration hub. Learn more.

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Advice firms operate many different systems in the process of giving financial advice. Increasingly these systems need to talk to each other in order for investment data created in one system to be reflected across the others. Sprint facilitates this flow of real time investment data between the systems used by financial advisers, and provides financial advisers with front end reporting applications to deliver better service to their clients and enhance their overall service proposition.

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Our solutions


FINIO: The industry data hub that connects and enables the flow of investment data between investment platforms and the many software systems used by financial advisers in the process of giving advice.




FASTRAK: Our client reporting application that allows financial advisers to produce premium quality and great looking reports for their clients in a time efficient manner, and the tools to help advisers deliver advice remotely.


Why Sprint?

Facts and figures

We are data experts

We understand how to interpret and report on complex investment data from multiple investment platforms
Facts and figures

We understand financial services

We combine great technical skills with a deep knowledge of the financial services industry
Facts and figures

We are entrepreneurs

We are a young and dynamic organisation always looking for better ways to solve today’s challenges
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We have unparalleled experience

We have integrations in place with over 20 platforms and process more investment data than any other hub
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    What Fastrak clients say

    We had to come up with a different method to make reviews more efficient.... the old system would take about two hours to review and involved a lot of editing. The time has now halved to about 45 min. It has also allowed us to be a lot more standardised. Fastrak is easy to use and saves so much time in producing review reports.

    Siobhan Paton, Office Manager, Johnston Campbell
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    What FINIO clients say

    In today’s digitally focussed world, the provision of good quality data in an efficient and integrated way is fundamental to how advisers and financial planners are wanting to do business. We’re therefore excited to announce that we have partnered with Sprint Enterprise Technology and adopted their FINIO hub to help us enhance the digital experience of those who use the 7IM Platform.

    Verona Kenny, Managing Director Intermediary, 7IM
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    What Fastrak clients say

    The reason why we use Fastrak is that it is the one tool that we are aware of that we can include legacy products, cash and all of the other assets so they, the client can look at all of this in one place.

    David Wilkinson, Foster Denovo Private Wealth

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