Into the Dragon’s Den for Advisory Firms

August 30th, 2023 | FINIO News, Sprint Enterprise Technology News

Into the Dragon’s Den for Advisory Firms

By Gary Shepherd

As I tuned in to the recent episode of Dragon’s Den, a notable occurrence struck me – a stark disparity between a business’s claimed value and its actual figures led to a missed investment opportunity. The absence of validated data prompted the Dragons to swiftly decline the proposal.

Reflecting on this, I wondered why the entrepreneur didn’t leverage concrete data to substantiate his business’s worth for a more favourable investment outcome. It raised questions about the lack of emphasis on data-driven validation or perhaps a simple oversight on the entrepreneur’s part.

This encounter sparked some thoughts on my approach and how I would emphasise using factual data to secure the desired investment. It’s intriguing to consider this scenario through the lens of the financial services sector.

Read the entire LinkedIn article, Into the Dragon’s Den for Advisory Firms here.

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