FINIO – the new data integration hub for platforms and solution providers

June 3rd, 2021 | FINIO, In the press


A new industry hub that connects platforms and adviser solution providers

Sprint Enterprise Technology Ltd (SETL) has launched FINIO, a major new integration hub that will significantly improve and simplify the data connectivity between platforms and adviser software providers and the quality of data available to wealth managers and intermediaries. Each platform or adviser software provider only needs to manage one connection to the FINIO hub instead of managing multiple point-to-point connections. This enables the flow of investment data in a much more efficient manner.

FINIO’S unique features include:

  • Acceptance of data in any format and flexibility in how it delivers data to adviser software providers
  • Transformation and enrichment of data before passing to the provider
  • A ‘granular’ data output to support the most demanding of reporting requirements.

FINIO also offers powerful dashboards to monitor and control the flow of data, and a team of data experts to provide invaluable first-line customer support. It recognises that not all adviser software providers want to store large quantities of investment data – so it makes data available both by way of bulk files and it’s on-demand API to provide much smaller packets of ‘report ready’ data. Additionally, where needed, it combines legacy data from old and new platforms to supply a continuous history from day one.

You can find out more about FINIO by clicking here.

SETL will be announcing the first Platforms to adopt FINIO in the coming weeks. If you would like to be notified or wish to discuss FINIO in more depth please contact us here.

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