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Fastrak Data

Sprint is pleased to work with a large number of wrap platforms and back office providers.

With these partners, we ensure that you can manage your client portfolios in a compliant and consistent way.

We leave you to focus on what you do best: investing your clients’ money, marketing your services and providing your best service. Let us worry about the technical operations of running the data integration from across your platforms and back offices.

Data Process

Wrap Platform Integrations

Fastrak works with multiple Wrap Platforms to automatically pull in complete data on all your client's holdings and the price of every assetevery day.

All history is retained, which means that over time we build up a complete daily history of investment values which,  enables us to deliver ever richer reporting.

There is no data for you to key in – all client and investment data is directly imported from the platforms.

In addition Fastrak automatically pulls in:

  • data on available funds,
  • which funds are eligible for investment in each wrapper type, and
  • platform-specific fund management charges as well as
  • other administrative charges per platform where available.

This enables us to deliver highly targeted, informative and accurate reports with a bare minimum of effort and time on your part.

For an increasing number of platforms Fastrak can also obtain – updated daily – full transaction histories dating back to the inception of each wrapper.

In such cases we are able to deliver an even greater range of reporting – leading up to the point where you will be able produce performance reporting for your clients (subject to certain data quality criteria being met which we will help you to achieve once you’re up and running).

The following platforms provide data to Fastrak:

  • AJ Bell (Investcentre)*
  • Ascentric*
  • Aviva
  • Canada Life
  • Cofunds*
  • FundsNetwork
  • James Hay*
  • Novia
  • Nucleus*
  • Pershing*
  • Raymond James*
  • 7IM*
  • Old Mutual Wealth
  • Standard Life Wrap
  • Standard Life Elevate
    (was Axa Elevate)
  • Transact*
  • Wealthtime*

* = includes full transaction histories

Back office Information

A key feature of Fastrak is that we also bring in data from selected back office systems.

We match and merge your back office information with live data sourced from wrap platforms to build up a complete picture of your clients’ wealth.

The data that we can source from your back office is rich and varied, but may include (depending on the exact system and your requirements):

  • Full client details (e.g. address, contact details etc.).
  • Details of all client investments and other assets (e.g. property, insurance policies) which are not being directly obtained from live platform feeds
  • Details of both scheduled (i.e. future) contributions and income withdrawals, and historic contributions, withdrawals and transactions (where recorded).
  • Miscellaneous information relating to specific policy types e.g. death benefits.
  • Information on which advisers are linked to which accounts (which can be used e.g. to limit access for some users to only their own accounts).
  • Anything else that is of a reportable nature that is maintained in your back-office system.

Please contact us to discuss if your back office is included.

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The immediate benefits with Fastrak are:

Ready immediately

There is no re-keying of data required to get you up and running. You will find Fastrak works seamlessly with your current systems and your portfolio values are updated every day.

Simple to use

Fastrak’s step-by-step actions enable you to easily navigate the system. You will be delighted with the ‘neat’ way Fastrak represents your data.

Great value

Any bottlenecks in your investment process will be removed to free you up to focus on your clients allowing you to concentrate your resources on promoting your business.

Reliably supported

We understand you may need help using our systems and we have a dedicated team to support you.


Fastrak is a powerful and sophisticated piece of software, with an enormous amount of powerful functionality behind the scenes.