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Your Portfolio Build & Review Solution

Business Intelligence


Fastrak collects data from several sources for you, which then powers a set of very powerful MI dashboards.

These dashboards are fully configurable by you to show the information that you feel is the most important to your business. the data available includes;

Adviser Dashboards

Business Intelligence
  • Assets under management – this can be all assets or a defined mix of back office and platform, or maybe you just need to see what you have on a given platform
  • Asset Allocation – see at a glance the current AUM of any of your models
  • Gainers/Losers – instantly see which clients’ portfolios are gaining or losing based on your given criteria
  • Data import status – when was your data last collected by Fastrak and when was it imported into your system

Client Dashboards

Business Intelligence
  • An Individual client AUM chart
  • Individual asset allocation
  • List of client policies
  • Cash movements
  • What reports have been produced for a client

Fund Dashboard

Business Intelligence
  • Price chart over any given period
  • Breakdown by sector, region, geographical or top 10 holdings
  • Share of any model
  • List of all clients invested in the fund

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The immediate benefits with Fastrak are:

Ready immediately

There is no re-keying of data required to get you up and running. You will find Fastrak works seamlessly with your current systems and your portfolio values are updated every day.

Simple to use

Fastrak’s step-by-step actions enable you to easily navigate the system. You will be delighted with the ‘neat’ way Fastrak represents your data.

Great value

Any bottlenecks in your investment process will be removed to free you up to focus on your clients allowing you to concentrate your resources on promoting your business.

Reliably supported

We understand you may need help using our systems and we have a dedicated team to support you.


Fastrak is a powerful and sophisticated piece of software, with an enormous amount of powerful functionality behind the scenes.